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Synthesizer Projects and Schematics


Hybrid Synth for Wind Control:

Overview: Using a modular synthesizer with a wind controller.

Hybrid Block Diagrams: A general view of the hybrid system, including block diagrams of the audio and control sections, a description of the matrix patching scheme and lists of parameters under computer control.

Modular circuits:

Sawtooth VCO: A schematic of a "modern" (1998) implementation of the popular integrator-with-reset circuit.

Triangle VCO: A high-performance, triangle-wave oscillator, featuring IC analog switches for setting the ramp direction and the oscillator switching thresholds. Also includes a precise sawtooth waveshaper and an interesting "kick" synchronization scheme.

DoubleDeka VCO: A unique VCO design comprising an ultrasonic-frequency core followed by a pair of ten-step waveform generators.

VC Multiphase Oscillator: A VCO that is switchable between six and eight phase operation.

Teezer VCO: A VCO featuring thru-zero linear frequency modulation.

Threeler VCF: A third-order VCF with lots of character, even capable of multiphonic and chaotic oscillations.

Double-Pulse Waveform Generator (I): A Tri-driven waveshaper circuit generating one positive-going and one negative-going pulse per wave cycle. It can produce waveforms having a high content of odd-only harmonics, a capability not available with more commonly used waveshapers.

Double-Pulse Waveform Generator (II): A Saw-driven waveshaper circuit generating two pulses per wave cycle. The second pulse has voltage controlled position and amplitude.

The "Wavolver" Waveshaper: A waveshaper circuit generating a wide variety of timbres. It produces double-pulse waveforms combined with progressively evolving folded triangular sections. Sound clips, scope shots and spectra are included in this section.

The "5Pulser" Waveshaper: A variable, multiple-pulse waveform generator based on an IC LED display driver. A simple and cost-effective way to obtain a wide range of voltage-controlled timbres.

The "SNICster" Waveshaper: A waveform generator that produces a voltage-controlled waveform that can be swept between a sawtooth and a triangle shape when driven by a sawtooth input waveform. This novel circuit uses negative impedance converter (NIC) technology.

VCO Tempco Theory: A discussion of temperature drift effects in VCOs, with derivation of equations used for developing accurate passive compensation.

Dial-a-Tempco Exponential Converter: A new method for the accurate compensation of temperature drift effects, using adjustable passive compensation circuitry.

The 4x4 Envelope Generator: A novel AD/AR envelope generator with a built-in delay pulser.

Analog XOR: An analog circuit performing a special logic function.

Super Sample and Hold: A high performance sample and hold circuit, including a unique quasi-random voltage source.

NOTICE: The circuit diagrams presented on this site are strictly for explanatory, instructional and experimental use. Actual construction of the circuits requires a significant knowledge of electronic circuit design and construction beyond what is presented here. The author, Ian Fritz, does not warrant operability, reliability, suitability or safety of any of the circuits. Anyone who constructs and/or uses these circuits accepts all responsibility for their operation and safety. All diagrams and photographs on this site are copyrighted, 1998-2018, by Ian Fritz, and may not be reproduced without written permission, with the exception that hard-copy printouts may be made for personal use.