Teezer is a thru-zero, linear-fm VCO. Its main documentation is in this file:  doc link

Here are some demo sound clips:

Teezer with Saw carrier wave and Tri FM modulation wave, using linear FM. Carrier and modulation are at the same frequency. Three sections: (1) no FM, (2) FM depth a little over 100% and (3) very deep linear through zero FM.

Teezer with Saw carrier moduled by Tri or Square wave. 3:2 carrier to modulation frequency ratio. Various modulation depths.

Percussive sounds using the Teezer Tri output with chaotic variation in frequencies

Teezer with deep FM used to make bell sounds (and some others).

Recording of the Teezer sync locking over three octaves with modulation up to 1000%.

Effect of dynamic depth on synchronization input of the Teezer.

The Teezer is set at a low Bias setting. Linear FM is provided by a fixed Tri wave. The Jerkster chaos generator provides exponential FM. A VCA and the Theeler VCF are also controlled from the Jerkster.

The TZ is modulated by a VCO with a SAW-TRI shaper (SNIC), and it is followed by a Threeler filter (Mode1 Out 3). An ADSR drives the shaper and the filter. Various settings of the frequency controls and the modulation depths are explored.

The Teezer is receiving linear FM and sync from a DoubleDeka VCO. There are six sections: (1) no modulation or sync, (2) low modulation depth but no sync, (3) deep modulation depth but no sync, (4) deep modulation plus sync, (5) low modulation depth plus sync, (6) sync but no modulation. The VCOs are at a 1:2 frequency ratio.

The Teezer is modulated at 1000% from the DoubleDeka with a frequency ratio of 3:10. Two sections: (1) frequency modulation only (2) frequency modulation plus sync. Note there is a very minimal pitch shift without sync and very minimal timber change with sync, demonstrating that digital-like traditional FM patches are feasible with the Teezer.

The Teezer is dynamically modulated by a DoubleDeka VCO. The VCOs are cross coupled, and various levels of modulation depth, sync depth and cross coupling are presented.

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