Son of Stealth Schematics

Main Breath Circuit:
Circuitry for conditioning the pressure transducer signal and generating the breath gate.

Auxiliary Breath Circuit:
Circuits for adding attack emphasis and for threshold slope detection.

Jaw Circuit:
Schematics covering both tight- and loose- lip response.

Bender Circuit:
Circuitry for measuring the deflection of the bender transducers and combining the signals.

PIC Microcontroller Circuit:
Connection of the controller signals to the PIC and implementation of the configuration switches.

PIC code:
An overview of the microcontroller program flow.

NOTICE: The circuit diagrams presented on this site are strictly for explanatory,instructional and experimental use. Actual construction of the circuits requires a significant knowledge of electronic circuit design and construction beyond what is presented here. The author, Ian Fritz, does not warrant operability, reliability, suitability or safety of any of the circuits. Anyone who constructs and/or uses these circuits accepts all responsibility for their operation and safety. All diagrams and photographs on this site are copyrighted, 1998-2018, by Ian Fritz, and may not be reproduced without written permission, with the exception that hard-copy printouts may be made for personal use.
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